Rous sarcoma

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Rous sarcoma

A sarcoma produced in poultry by a retrovirus.

[After Francis Peyton Rous (1879-1970), American pathologist and Nobel laureate.]

Rous′ sarco`ma


a malignant tumor occurring in the connective tissue of poultry, caused by a retrovirus.
[after Francis PeytonRous(1879–1970), U.S. pathologist, who described it in 1910]
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Previously, Dr Yin has conducted research at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the University of Minnesota where he participated in breakthrough research to solve the atomic structure of the Rous Sarcoma Virus Intasome.
Since the introduction of Avian Rous sarcoma virus as an oncogenic agent, several other viruses have been implicated in malignant transformation1.
Scientists found that the synthesis of two cellular proteins of 78kDa and 94kDa was markedly induced when mammalian cultured cells were transformed with Rous sarcoma virus.
The virus he discovered is now known as Rous sarcoma virus and has since been studied in many laboratories around the world.