n.1.Ruth; sorrow.
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Somwhat this lord hadde routhe in his manere, But nathelees his purpos heeld he stille, As lordes doon, whan they wol han hir wille.
Tenders are invited for Clearing & grubbing C/O Retaining walls & Breast Walls road side drain essential Parapet Cross-drainage Works Protection Work Memling and Training with Cold mix technology Bio Engineering Messures and Routhe Maintenance in Km 0/0 to 14/500 in Connection with Construction of Padhar to Nauhli Uperi road Km 0/0 to 14/500 under PMGSY Stage-II Package No HP-08-249.
THE ROUTHE OF THE HIAWATHA, ID The West has lots of bike trails.
And if 1 myghte excuse hire any wise, For she so sory was for hire untrouthe, Iwis, I wolde excuse hire yet for routhe.
In 2005, Neal Shover and Aaron Routhe applied strategic regulatory theory in the context of the enforcement of environmental crimes in the US.
Like the families they grew up in, Aaron and Ginny Routhe are devout evangelical Christians.
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His equation of Alison of the Miller's Tale with Criseyde of the Troilus as an appropriate object of the reader's routhe (p.
The results speak for themselves," said Chris Routhe, information technology director for Millard Lumber.
But wel-away, the harm, the routhe, That hath betyd for such untrouthe, As men may ofte in bokes rede, And al day sen hyt yet in dede, That for to thynken hyt, a tene is.
Virsto installed quickly and easily, and its advantages were immediately apparent," continued Routhe.