n.1.Ruth; sorrow.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Somwhat this lord hadde routhe in his manere, But nathelees his purpos heeld he stille, As lordes doon, whan they wol han hir wille.
THE ROUTHE OF THE HIAWATHA, ID The West has lots of bike trails.
And if 1 myghte excuse hire any wise, For she so sory was for hire untrouthe, Iwis, I wolde excuse hire yet for routhe. (5.1086-99) In both instances, the absence of prior textual or moral authority prompts the speaker to make a bold stand for a fallen if otherwise worthy heroine.
Furthermore, the word "routhe" in line 1310 links the conclusion of his dream to that earlier "concluding" reaction, since the narrator also feels "rowthe" upon finally reading the meaning of Ceyx and Alcyone (97); the narrator's carefully constructed ignorance bears further fruit in delaying this "routhe" until the point of revelation and awakening at the end of reading and writing.
(50) In 2005, Neal Shover and Aaron Routhe applied strategic regulatory theory in the context of the enforcement of environmental crimes in the US.
Like the families they grew up in, Aaron and Ginny Routhe are devout evangelical Christians.
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Hughie Greene's ``Opportunity Knocks'', ``Double your Money'' with Michael Miles, Jonathan Routhe's ``Take your Pick'' and ``Candid Mike'', the forerunner of Candid Camera, all started on Radio Luxembourg.
His equation of Alison of the Miller's Tale with Criseyde of the Troilus as an appropriate object of the reader's routhe (p.