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a.1.Involving, or pertaining to, routine; ordinary; customary.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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His gesture of referring the letter was "purely mechanical or routinary," he stressed.
The Palace official insisted that 'the referral of the OCPLC of matters relative to the concerns of our citizens is also purely mechanical or routinary.'
Times when we think our job seems routinary that work becomes, well, work.
Ann Cruz is a luminous dreamer in romance/fantasy movie "Lucid." Her dreams are the exact opposite of her mundane, routinary life.
Quantitative automated particle-enhanced immunonepholometric assay for the routinary measurement of human cystatin C.
Lao said intelligence agents of Talomo Police Precinct were conducting a routinary patrol onboard a vehicle in Susana Homes when they noted a man jumping over the fence coming from the inside one of the houses in Block 9 around 3:20 a.m.
After telling the tortures and interrogations that the villagers had suffered, the narrator naturalises the bloody repression with the evasiveness of the protagonist, thus turning the exceptionality of the killing into a routinary event that is justified by an anti-communist agenda that masked a true massacre of the indigenous population.
More recently, some authors suggested a routinary nodal sampling in PanNETs in order to reduce the possibility of tumor understaging rather than to prolong survival itself [83].
Several of the QD model parameters can also be extracted from routinary experimental data, making such approach suitable for both design and interpretation purposes.
One of the major limitations of MSCs is represented by the necessity to expand them through in vitro culturing, transforming them into a pharmaceutical product with its restrictive regulatory clearance and connected difficulties for clinical routinary use.
In our center, preoperative molecular markers determination is not made in a routinary way in patients with indeterminate FNA cytology.