Roving frame

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a machine for drawing and twisting roves and twisting roves and winding them on bobbin for the spinning machine.

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(6) Herbert Bliss of Whitinsville operates the Scotsman Roving Frame, commonly used in textile plants.
TABLE-I Medium High Operational Grade Yarn Grade Yarn Sequence Ne Ne Slubbing Frame 6s to 8s -- Intermediate Frame Upto 15s -- Roving Frame Upto 36s 12s to 30s Jack Frame No.
Instead, the roving frame is itself trapped within a larger one that remains invisible, though inexorably felt.
Marzoli, after a strong positive feedback from the Pakistani spinning industry for its roving frame with automatic doffing and its innovative bobbin transport system, aims to offer its technology as a valuable means for differentiation and reduction of production costs.
With the release of the FT6E and FT7E Marzoli offers also a third option: the roving frame with the pre-arrangement for automatic-doffing upgrade.
The new ZinserSpeed 5A roving frame consumes 20% less energy.
With the Autoflow automation solution, ZinserSpeed 5A roving frame as well as Zinser 72 and 71 systems, the textile machinery manufacturer paves the way to a more profitable future for its customers.
In the spinning section Marzoli's roving frame can undertake a reliable automatic doffing in only 3 minutes.