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(ˈrɔv nə, ˈrɒv-)

a city in NW Ukraine, NE of Lvov. 233,000.
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At the same time, the entrepreneur allocated money for the repair and reconstruction of FAPs, helps the Rovno Polytechnic College, boarding school for the elderly and disabled.
In 1941, the Nazi blitzkrieg strikes Rovno, Poland.
2001), leaving the correlation of the base of the Rovno Regional Stage open, it does not affect the correlation in Estonia where the S.
19) Iurii Butusov, "Kak ukrainskaia kontrrazvedka rovno god nazad zakhvatila pervogo shpiona v rossiisko-ukrainskoi voine," Tsensor.
El G7 y la UE asumen la responsabilidad de financiar la construccion de dos nuevos reactores nucleares destinados a las centrales de Rovno y Khemelnitski, asi como financiar obras que garanticen la seguridad de las instalaciones de Chernobyl.
He stayed in Russia after the war, ending his life in battle in Rovno, Ukraine.
A police raid on right-wing militants in Rovno resulting in the death of their leader Aleksandr Muzychko, a prominent anti-government figure in the Maidan, has infuriated the right-wing sector that accuses the interior minister of orchestrating a planned assassination.
Blumenthal had resurrected pre-war Rovno, Poland—the region's “cultural pearl”—from its twisting cobblestone alleyways to its labyrinthine pine forest, where tens of thousands were slaughtered over two dark days in November 1941.
Post-Soviet era exported nuclear reactors are operating in China (Tianwan), Iran (Bushehr), and the Ukraine (Khmelnitski-2 and Rovno 4).
Po vynasobeni poctu konceptu v zemi poctem zemi se shodnym poctem konceptu je cislo rovno 70.
A comparative analysis of the Baltic and Rovno amber arthropod faunas: Representative samples.
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