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 (kăm′bəl), Avril Phaedra Known as "Kim." Born 1947.
Canadian lawyer and politician who was the first woman prime minister of Canada (1993).


, Joseph 1904-1987.
American mythologist who wrote numerous influential works, including The Hero with a Thousand Faces (1949) and the four-volume The Masks of God (1959-1968).


1. (Biography) Sir Colin, Baron Clyde. 1792–1863, British field marshal who relieved Lucknow for the second time (1857) and commanded in Oudh, suppressing the Indian Mutiny
2. (Biography) Donald. 1921–67, English water speed record-holder
3. (Biography) Kim, full name Avril Phaedra Douglas Campbell. born 1947, Canadian politician; prime minister of Canada (1993)
4. (Biography) Sir Malcolm, father of Donald Campbell. 1885–1948, English racing driver and land speed record-holder
5. (Biography) Mrs Patrick, original name Beatrice Stella Tanner. 1865–1940, English actress
6. (Biography) Roy. 1901–57, South African poet. His poetry is often satirical and includes The Flaming Terrapin (1924)
7. (Biography) Thomas. 1777–1844, Scottish poet and critic, noted particularly for his war poems Hohenlinden and Ye Mariners of England


(ˈkæm bəl, ˈkæm əl)

1. Alexander, 1788–1866, U.S. religious leader, born in Ireland: a founder of the Disciples of Christ Church.
2. Joseph, 1904–87, U.S. mythologist.
3. Mrs. Patrick (Beatrice Stella Tanner), 1865–1940, English actress.
4. Thomas, 1777–1844, Scottish poet and editor.
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Noun1.Campbell - United States mythologist (1904-1987)
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Roy Campbell emailed: "Schalk's performance was one of the worst forms of cheating to win a QUOTE OF THE DAY 'Once again Celtic were playing 12 men - this team had better wake up for the Scottish Cup semi-final' to try to get something from a game by blatantly diving, or in this case falling over your own feet.
The final chapter examines the writing of South African poet Roy Campbell, Irish poet Richard Murphy, and South African novelist J.
Roy Campbell, a partner at Deloitte & Touche, will look at An African economic outlook What's in store for the packaging industry.
They are, back from left, N Street, Sidney Robinson, unidentified, M Millwall, Alan Wyke, unidentified, Kevin Dodds and Roy Campbell.
Alan Breck is based on a true historical figure, who fought against the English in the Battle of Culloden, and was later falsely accused of murdering Royal agent Colin Roy Campbell of Glenure - a murder which remained unsolved.
Keith, Allan and Roy Campbell accepted the award in front of a packed audience of VIPs, business owners and Scottish movers and shakers.
Maybe it was Mary's drunken poet husband Roy Campbell, who tries to shift the finger of suspicion by accusing 'vile' Epstein of the crime.
Eliot, Wyndham Lewis and Roy Campbell had been the key figures to change the literary scenario in London.
Review of Light on a Dark Horse: All Autobiography 1901-1935 by Roy Campbell.
and raised by his late parents Mildred (Green) and Roy Campbell.
Southworth concluye: "Serer ha aprovechado el estudio de Esteban Pujals para realizar su trabajo": Spain and Spanish Themes in Modern English Poetry (tesis doctoral 1959), que trata sobre Roy Campbell, y un librito del mismo autor dedicado a este poeta britanico (Espana y la guerra de 1936 en la poesia de Roy Campbell, 1959).
But, according to Roy Campbell, manager of Regent Investment Consultants, there are things that expats can do now to plan for their future that won't break the bank in the present.