Royal metal

an old name for gold.

See also: Royal

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In Eucharistic celebrations tomorrow, readings will highlight the spiritual significance of the first manifestation of Jesus to the human race as well as of the symbolic meaning of the gifts of the Magi: Gold, the royal metal, which signified that Jesus is King; frankincense, the symbol of prayer, which signified that Jesus is the Son of God; and myrrh, which is used to anoint the dead, which signified that Jesus has to die for the salvation of the human race.
Royal, for instance, services independent shops with a dedicated sales force of factory representatives, make available a direct telephone line and exclusively offers an upgraded Dirt Devil line and the popular Royal Metal line, said Pat Sullivan, Royal vice president of dealer sales.
He was the first to describe the preparation of hydrochloric acid, and he gave clear directions for preparing other strong acids such as sulfuric acid and aqua regia ("royal water," a mixture of sulfuric and nitric acids that was so powerful it would even dissolve the royal metal, gold).
Pure, supple, almost indestructible, gold is indeed a royal metal among all the base ones occurring in the earth's crust.

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