Royal tern

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(Zool.) a large, crested American tern (Sterna maxima).

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The final surprise came in December, when a Royal Tern was found at Traeth Dulas, Moelfre.
Majestic Technical Skills Dev't & Landscape Corp; GBPLEN Corp; Magnilia, Inc; Coca-Cola (Bottlers) Femsa Phils, Inc; Greenkraft Corp; Gateway Property Holdings, Inc; Omni Composite Packaging Corp; Royal Tern Ceramics (Phils) Inc; Antel Dev't Corp; and Camel Appliances Mfg Corp.
I spent my youth in India watching many great aACAyIndian' champions like Comanche, Squanderer, Manitou, Royal Tern and Own Opinion and Red Cockade making the news by winning Derbies and prestigious Invitation Cups.
If, like most anglers, you can't tell an Arctic tern from a royal tern, remember this: Bird behavior is more important than identity.
June 20 last year saw the Royal Tern off Llandudno's coast, which I missed.
Six habitats are used for nesting in Laguna Cuyutlan: Mangroves on larger islands (pelecaniformes and ciconiiformes); mangrove shrubs on islets (green heron); low islets in shallow water (black-necked stilt, laughing gull, royal tern, gull-billed tern, Forster's tern, and black skimmer); marsh (clapper rail); saltflats (snowy and Wilson's plovers and least tern); and patches of tropical deciduous forest (neotropic cormorant, black-bellied whistling-duck).
To stud at 4 years and dam of: Royal Tern (1989 c by Arctic Tern; placed twice in France), Eben Naas (1993 g by Dayjur; winner in England), Hurricane State (Gr3 winner in France), Nuts In May (1997 f by A.P.
Our only Laughing Gull was seen at Newton Point, Porthcawl, in September 1988, and the Royal Tern at Kenfig Pool in 1989 showed its American credentials by wearing a ring placed on its leg at a site on the American coast between Virginia and North Carolina.
I'll be on Royal Tern, which won a maiden in Cork in April.
| SOMETHING RARER A Lesser Scaup remains on Anglesey's Llyn Llygeirian, or if you're heading to west Wales, a Royal Tern was on Pembrokeshire's Gann estuary on Saturday.
BRITAIN'S birders flocked to Llandudno last Saturday after the African royal tern - on the Llyen the previous week - was spotted near the pier.
Options for this include state and federal legislative values as for the sea turtle and royal tern examples, or if available, captive breeding costs from a breeding program now in its infancy.
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