Royal tiger

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(Zool.) See Tiger.

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Others, like The Mardi Gras, The Royal Tiger Club, The She and The Victoriana are long gone, but live on in the memories of those who spent their formative years there.
He then made his way to the nearby Royal Tiger pub, where he asked staff for help and an ambulance was called.
Despite the victim's worsening condition, he made his way to the nearby Royal Tiger where he asked staff for help.
If literature in unusual locations is more your thing, the festival is taking its audience on a poetry vintage bus tour through the Black Country with a 1953 Leyland Royal Tiger bus from Boultons of Shropshire (October 11) as well as offering the chance to lie back and marvel at the stars with the captivating e-x-p-a-n-d-i-n-g: History of the Universe in 45 Minutes (October 17).
I obtained two semi-auto AK rifles from SGN advertiser Royal Tiger Imports.
Johnny O'Sullivan's Speak Out Mac is well housed in trap four in the sprint final and may be too good on the night for the promising Royal Tiger.
It alleged that there is an increase terror activity by a new militant outfit called the Bodoland Royal Tiger Force that is patronized by the ruling Bodoland People Front.
The current world auction record for a work by Stubbs is Portrait of The Royal Tiger, which went for pounds 3.
My favourite model is a green 1951 Leyland Royal Tiger single-decker which is always a favourite with children and adults whenever we put it on show.
9million was set five years ago for a portrait called The Royal Tiger.
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