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abbreviation for
(Broadcasting) Radio Telefis Éireann
[Irish Gaelic: Irish Radio and Television]


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To exploit the electricity grid in the best conditions, RTE must have the best toolsObserving Network.
Shefflin could have joined Sky Sports' team for the summer ahead but it's a boost to RTE to secure his services.
The independent bookmaker will become RTE Racing's partner and will feature prominently in all its programmes on television, radio and online, including on the new split-screen advertisements.
Ionizing radiation, when combined with common food additives, has the potential to significantly reduce the incidence of listeriosis associated with consumption of RTE meats.
It's not a joke that presenters like Pat Kenny and Ryan Tubridy are RTE staffers.
The SSA programme, a major flagship programme of the Government of India to universalize elementary education in the country, will be the main vehicle for the implementation of the RTE Act.
The RTE Series DIP switches are available in two versions, with the RTE B switches featuring markings with improved contrast; while the RTE HR switches provide increased reliability to enable them to withstand aging tests that are the equivalent of 20-year usage," said Eric Grange, product manager for C&K Components.
But last night an RTE source revealed Grainne will be allowed to choose her own clothes.
The 2005 competition winners will be announced at the Plenary Session of the RTE 2005 Conference and Exhibition and presented at the Awards Dinner on October 19.
Although RTE meats are cooked, they should be reheated in some cases because they can become contaminated between the cooking and packaging steps.
RTE will employ the new digital workflow to produce and publish a wide variety of content - including news, promotional spots, sports, and long-form programming - to multiple distribution platforms.
RTE boss Glen Killane said the results showed viewers love home-grown programmes.