Rub al-Khali

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Noun1.Rub al-Khali - a desert in southern Saudi Arabia
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia - an absolute monarchy occupying most of the Arabian Peninsula in southwest Asia; vast oil reserves dominate the economy
Great Arabian Desert, Arabian Desert - a desert on the Arabian Peninsula in southwestern Asia
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Shell Left The Empty Quarter Gas JV: Shell in 2015 abandoned the South Rub al-Khali Co.
The road, which runs through the Empty Quarter desert, or Rub Al-Khali, received its first trial operation by the Royal Oman Police despite being scheduled to open in 2014, said a press report.
The new canal will start from the Arabian Sea and will pass through Omani and Yemeni borders before reaching Rub Al-Khali or the Empty Quarter in the Kingdom.
Saudi Arabia identified substantial shale gas formations in the northwest of the country, the South Ghawar and the Rub al-Khali.
Project name : Kidan Non-Associated Gas Exploration Plan Name of client : Srak -- South Rub Al-Khali Company Budget : $8 billion Main contractor : None Facility type : Gas exploration Status : Feasibility study PMC : WorleyParsons Location : Rub Al Khali
The border point which will be called the Rub Al-Khali ( Empty Quarter ) entry point on the Saudi side and Ramlat Khaliya entry point on the Omani side will considerably reduce travel time between the two neighbours.
Shell-Saudi Aramco joint venture, theSouth Rub al-Khali Co (SRAK) has alsomade discoveries.
A five-year program includes the acquisition of 5,000 kilometers of seismic data and the drilling of four exploration wells to explore and produce non-associated gas in block C, a 52,000-square km area of the Rub al-Khali basin.
They occupied the Hadramawt and the Rub al-Khali (Empty Quarter).
It includes exploration in the Rub Al-Khali region - a relatively under explored area, production, gas gathering, processing, transmission and sales.
The proposed canal would start from the Arabian Sea and pass through Omani and Yemeni territory before reaching Rub Al-Khali or the Empty Quarter in the Kingdom.
Shell has recently abandoned the South Rub al-Khali Co.