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n.1.A red color used in enameling.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Rubelle. Her personal appearance, and her imperfect English when she spoke, informed me that she was a foreigner.
Rubelle struck me as being a small, wiry, sly person, of fifty or thereabouts, with a dark brown or Creole complexion and watchful light grey eyes.
Rubelle should not enter on her duties until she had been seen and approved by the doctor the next morning.
Rubelle was sent to the sitting-room, to be approved by the doctor on his way through to the bedroom.
Rubelle, with the object of kindly preventing her from feeling strange and nervous in consequence of the uncertainty of her situation.
Rubelle did not appear to be affected by it in any way.
Rubelle looked very attentively at the patient, curtseyed to Lady Glyde, set one or two little things right in the room, and sat down quietly in a corner to wait until she was wanted.
Rubelle to a severe scrutiny at certain intervals for the next three or four days.
Rubelle, and at parting he spoke to Lady Glyde very seriously, in my presence, on the subject of Miss Halcombe.
Rubelle had taken the nursing duties entirely off her hands.
Rubelle been made aware of the full extent of the mischief?" was his next question.
Rubelle than he put to the doctor, and that he did not appear to listen with much interest to what Mr.