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1. Of, relating to, or in the style of painting of Peter Paul Rubens.
2. Plump or fleshy and voluptuous. Used of a woman.

[Sense 2, from the frequent depiction of such women by Rubens.]
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(Art Terms) (of a woman) having the physique associated with Rubens' portraits of women; plump and attractive
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(ˌru bəˈnɛsk)
adj. (sometimes l.c.)
1. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of Peter Paul Rubens or his paintings.
2. plumply voluptuous: a Rubenesque figure.
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Rubenesque women's soft, nude bodies represented fertility and sexuality, at least as idealized by the male gaze.
So Near So Farhh forged clear to slam Rubenesque by three and a quarter lengths - value for double that margin - and a 6lb rise looks lenient.
The three-year-old has relished the recent softer ground and improved again when slamming Rubenesque over two miles here last time.
Claire, the Rubenesque is now a hot woman, beauty and brains, who also works in the same company.
That rally featured doubles by junior Jason Peters, senior Kamrin Hoffman and Goldstein and a triple by Rodriguez, the team's Rubenesque designated hitter.
For instance, we read the story 'Rubenesque' by Magenta Michaels from Herotica 2, a collection of Women's erotica, in which a full-figured woman receives clandestine oral sex in a public place from a strange man who crawls under her table (Michaels 1991).
The manner in which she juxtaposes her encrusted ornaments against the softness and smoothness of bare skin invokes a Rubenesque feel, albeit in an Indian manner The painting shows a typical Kerala woman identifiable by the costume where the figure is semi-nude (6) but covered in jewellery and also wearing the distinctive coiffure of the Malayali (7) woman (Fig.
Yes, nine children of Christian parents let loose in a place with Rubenesque sculptures and paintings will invariably result in redfaced parents.
Another of the show's highlights, the diptych Sauf le dimancbe on les mange (la naissance de Zeus) (Except Sundays We Eat Them [The Birth of Zeus]), 2015, with its Rubenesque painterly bravura, affirms his sheer virtuosity.
The moment that a term like Kafkaesque or Rubenesque, Dickensian or Boschian becomes a term, it tends to escape the orbit of the works that birthed it; and in the process it risks eclipsing those works.
A false presumption that we must choose between an aged face with a single digit dress size, or a rounder face and Rubenesque body to go with it?
Inspiration for the project came from Lisette Model's "Coney Island" photographs, which feature a Rubenesque individual enjoying a day at the beach.