Rubia cordifolia

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Noun1.Rubia cordifolia - perennial East Indian creeping or climbing herb used for dye in the orient
madderwort, rubiaceous plant - any of numerous trees or shrubs or vines of the family Rubiaceae
genus Rubia, Rubia - type genus of the Rubiaceae; Old World herbs and subshrubs grown for their medicinal properties and for dye substances extracted from their roots
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Rubia cordifolia (Rubiaceae) Madder or Indian Madder 69.
"The lacquer we use is a safe, natural, non-toxic resin secreted by microscopic insects while the colours are from the turmeric plant (yellow), the locally grown manjista (Rubia cordifolia) and vermilion powder (red and orange), and extracts of indigo plant.
Jung et al., "Anticancer constituents from the roots of Rubia cordifolia L.," Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, vol.
Amelioration of cisplatin induced nephrotoxicity in Swiss albino mice by Rubia cordifolia extract.