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n.1.(Chem.) One of several color-producing glycosides found in madder root.
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Cheryl Risk, who fronts quartet Rubian, will take to the stage with her three male bandmates on July 25.
Rubian are returning to the venue on the 17th of next month, shortly before their EP is due to be released online.
Renato Reche (1), Sara Teresinha Corazza (1) Rubian Diego Andrade (1), Gaia Salvador Claumann (1) Erico Pereira Gomes Felden (1), Andreia Pelegrini (1)
Senator Rubian Irfan appreciated the steps of Ministry of Finance and NHCD, The NHCD officials assured the body that the employees would get salaries, including one-month pending, on August 28.
In rural Africa, women play an important role in a wide range of economic activities that include agriculture, health, family care, firewood collection and food preparation (Deda and Rubian 2004).
Amid drops in the rural male population (due to outmigration but also to war, sickness and death related to HIV/AIDS), cropping patterns and farming systems are experiencing profound changes (FAO 2004 cited in Deda and Rubian 2008, FAO 2005).
While varieties such as black pomfret (zubaidi) are available in large quantities, the demand is mainly for king fish, hamour, Shamal shafi and rubian, inquiries found.