ruby wedding

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ruby wedding (anniversary)

nvierzigster Hochzeitstag, Rubinhochzeit f
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And four decades later the couple, who now live in Crookedwood, returned on Sunday to toast their ruby wedding anniversary.
Florence told the jury the last time she saw Margaret, who had a learning disability, was when she and her late husband Walter celebrated their ruby wedding in the Inverkip Hotel in March 1999.
Coatbridge woman Joyce Mills, who will be celebrating her ruby wedding anniversary in July this year, confessed that her most memorable Valentine's Day was when she received her favourite Olly Murs CD from her husband.
| On Sunday, April 3 a special service was held at St Mary's Church when Peter and Elizabeth Pearson remade their marriage vows to mark their Ruby wedding anniversary.
THIS week we have received a donation of PS250 from Kath and Paul Webb who say 'we recently celebrated our Ruby Wedding Anniversary and asked family to make a donation instead of buying gifts.
Photogra-pher Richard Clayton, Myplace Middlesbrough manager Wendy Kelly and Tracey Smith, senior resource worker, show off two framed images from a recent exhibition of photographs taken of St Hilda's over a 35-year period | Sue and Mark Boardman, on the left, and George and Mary McCormick celebrated their 40th Ruby wedding anniversaries on Sunday June, 22, along with their families at Tocketts Mill, near Guisborough.
AN officer and a nurse who met in the late 1960s have celebrated their ruby wedding anniversary with dozens of friends and family members.
Emma, who worked as supervisor of the typing pool at the Post Office Savings in Durham, said: "Our family are all the same, one has just celebrated their golden wedding and another their ruby wedding. We stick like glue in this family."
Last week, David Thomas asked for suggestions for a gift for keen garden's celebrating their ruby wedding this year.
Unbeknown to us, our son and daughter arranged a secret ruby wedding reception at the same venue, now called "The Dovey" last Saturday evening.
We had celebrated our ruby wedding anniversary the year before he died and to lose him so suddenly has been really difficult to cope with.