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 (ro͞o′gən, rü′-)
An island of northeast Germany in the Baltic Sea. Separated from the mainland by a narrow channel, it was seized by Denmark in 1168, passed to Pomerania in 1325 and to Sweden in 1648, and became part of Prussia in 1815.
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Sculptors are working on the sculpture "Largest Sandcastle in the World" at the Sand Sculpture Festival in Binz on the island of Ruegen, Germany.
The reindeer skins and fur stall is owned by German company Sampo Ruegen, which says it ethically sources products from Finland's Sami people.
-- -- -- -- -- -- 2 119 98 37 49 10 Ruegen, supliquen.
The ancient trove was found on the German island of Ruegen and includes hundreds of silver coins, braided necklaces, pearls, rings, brooches, bracelets and a Thor's hammer.
Rene Schoen and his student Luca Malaschnitschenko were looking for treasure using metal detectors in January on the northern island of Ruegen when they chanced upon what they initially thought was a worthless piece of aluminium.
The rail ferry Jan Heweliusz turned over in the morning off the island of Ruegen, Germany's north-eastern tip, after listing in churning seas with winds of up to 160km/h.
German barefoot walker Aldo Berti arrived at the convent in Einsiedeln, Switzerland, yesterday, after completing his 2,120k walk from the Baltic Sea island of Ruegen, Germany, in 86 days
The immigration of the hazel dormouse from central Germany to Ruegen is not supported by findings and seems to be unlikely due to habitat fragmentation in the north-eastern German mainland.
However, a swab specimen obtained from a healthy common teal (Anas crecca) shot from a flock of wild ducks on the island of Ruegen, Germany, on November 17, 2014, showed positive results for HPAI (H5N8) virus.
Prora was constructed on the Baltic island of Ruegen by the stormtroopers of the Nazi 'Strength Through Joy' leisure organization over a six-year period and occupies nearly three miles of beachfront.
The verbs ruegen and ruogen mean 'to report', 'to announce', 'to say', and 'to express'.