Ruling elder

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a lay presbyter or member of a Presbyterian church session.
- Schaff.

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Mrs Louise Cochran was admitted into the office of ruling elder in their congregation during a special service conducted by their minister, Rev J Stuart Mill, which included the hymn,'O Jesus, I have promised', specially chosen for the occasion by the minister.
This man, a ruling elder, small in stature but a giant when it came to helping others; this tireless worker for the kingdom of God was now on his way to his new heavenly home, to be clothed in a new heavenly body, free of pain and suffering.
Philip-Houston and a ruling elder who serves as chair of the Presbyterian Mo-Ranch Assembly Board, a member of the Advisory Committee on the Constitution and a member of the Houston area Jewish/Presbyterian Dialogue Group.
She told police the ruling elder and "neighbours, uncles and brothers", took part.
Impure churches, in Johnson's mind, included the Roman Catholic Church, the Church of England, and any Protestant church without a ruling elder body.
Also receiving degrees from West Virginia University (bachelor's) and University of Tennessee (master's), LaLance was affiliated with numerous educational and civic societies and was a ruling elder and choir member of his Presbyterian church.
So committed is the author to the cause, he eschews the typical biography in favor of a pseudonym claiming to be the last ruling elder of the dying planet Lorien.
Stephen's Cathedral of the Church of God in Christ in San Diego where McKinney, ruling elder of the denomination, is pastor.
In both of these areas the spiritual status of the ruling elder had been placed somewhere in between that of the lay parishioner and that of the preaching minister, but theologians and civil authorities had been notably imprecise in determining just where along that spectrum he resided.
Ventrella, who describes himself as an "ordained Ruling Elder in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church" in his ADF bio, also teaches classes at Bahnsen Theological Seminary, a correspondence school in Placentia, Calif., named after the late Greg Bahnsen, one of the key architects of the Reconstructionist movement.
The Eighteenth Plenary of the Consultation on Church Union gathered in January, 1999, in the face of Presbyterian disapproval that focused on concerns about episcope, covenanting councils, and the role of the ruling elder, [8] as well as the Episcopal Church's declaration that it was not ready to enter into covenant communion.
But they ruled with the authority of age, as so many of their titles tell us." ["Ruling elder," etc.] But that middle-aged men ruled with the authority of age in this generally young society does not mean that they ruled with the authority of old age.