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Noun1.ruling class - the class of people exerting power or authority
upper class, upper crust - the class occupying the highest position in the social hierarchy
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The ruling elite demands compliance and submission from the people as an essential condition for victory, but if this fails then they enforce conformity by force.
I see one common thread that permeates our region: the nature and conduct of the strong, durable but problematic modern Arab state a" the "state" being both the physical make-up of the country and the ruling elite that dominates and operates its power structure, mainly the government bureaucracy and budget and the state's many military and police branches.
Yet this terrible deed highlights the deadly side of a deeply corrupt, nepotistic ruling elite which continues to stifle the country's economic and social growth.
SIX months ago I wrote how the death of Garry Newlove will go unnoticed by our ruling elite.
Parent attributes the racially discriminatory codes and brutally repressive slave laws adopted by Virginia's planter-controlled legislature to the well-placed anxieties of a ruling elite faced with mounting challenges from below.
That is powerful and lasting, and sadly underutilized by the present ruling elite in Washington.
In general, the ruling elite avoided harsh repressive tactics by approaching popular violence as a social malady to be managed rather than as an evil to be eliminated.
The post of third vice president, held by Rifaat Al Assad, was abolished years ago as Hafez banished his younger brother; but Rifaat, who lives in Europe, still does not recognise the rule of his newphew Bashar and remains adamant on taking over power in Syria - though the ruling elite would do all it can to prevent a change to the current status quo.
Both the intelligentsia and ruling elite rejected Zionist claims to Palestine, and 5) the emergence of new political forces th at helped focus Egyptian attention on Arab questions.
But he is accorded only a few pages in Laqueur's academic exegesis, which emphasizes that the Soviet ruling elite - despite its internationalist pretensions - had long accommodated a National Bolshevik faction that fueled official anti-semitism emanating from the Kremlin.
Imran Khan was not feared by ruling elite because he was a legendary cricketer, a celebrity or social worker.