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Noun1.Ruminantia - cattleRuminantia - cattle; bison; sheep; goats; antelopes; deer; chevrotains; giraffes; camels
animal order - the order of animals
Artiodactyla, order Artiodactyla - an order of hooved mammals of the subclass Eutheria (including pigs and peccaries and hippopotami and members of the suborder Ruminantia) having an even number of functional toes
ruminant - any of various cud-chewing hoofed mammals having a stomach divided into four (occasionally three) compartments
Bovidae, family Bovidae - true antelopes; cattle; oxen; sheep; goats
Antilocapridae, family Antilocapridae - comprising only the pronghorns
Cervidae, family Cervidae - deer: reindeer; moose or elks; muntjacs; roe deer
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In fact, the proposed method allows distinguishing unambiguously the different species in the context of suborder Ruminantia based on PCR products size.
Ruminants are herbivorous animals belonging to the suborder Ruminantia, specialists in forage plant grazing (grasses and legumes) and extracting nutritional components through symbiotic relationships with microorganisms, including bacteria and protozoa, present in their digestive apparatus.
Additional Giraffokeryx remains (Artiodactyla: Ruminantia: Giraffidae) from Chinji Formation of Lower Siwaliks, northern Pakistan.
Dromedaries are not ruminants (suborder Ruminantia) but rather are Tylopoda, a suborder of Artiodactyla, which also includes the 2-humped camel (Camelus bactrianus), wild Bactrian camel (C.
Suborder Ruminantia, in Rossner, G.E., and Heissig, K.
Mammals with the highest levels of SSD include those in Primates, Mustelidae, Pinnipedia, Elephantidae, and Ruminantia; in these orders, males may be three times larger than females (Ralls, 1977; Weckerly, 1998).
After this third bioevents the rhinocerotoids, anthracotherids, proboscideans, carnivores, chalicotheres, deinotheres, bovids, suids, Creodonta, ruminantia, amynodontiae, and crocodilians were found in the Indo-Pakistan subcontinent.
(2015): First African record of the Miocene Asian Mouse-deer Siamotragulus (Mammalia, Ruminantia, Tragulidae): implications for the phylogeny and evolutionary history of the advanced selenodont tragulids.