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Noun1.Rumohra - leatherleaf ferns: in some classifications included in genus Polystichum
fern genus - genera of ferns and fern allies
Athyriaceae, Dryopteridaceae, family Athyriaceae, family Dryopteridaceae - alternative names for one of a number of families into which the family Polypodiaceae has been subdivided in some classification systems
leatherleaf fern, Polystichum adiantiformis, Rumohra adiantiformis, ten-day fern, leather fern - widely distributed fern of tropical southern hemisphere having leathery pinnatifid fronds
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Effects of harvesting on frond production of Rumohra adiantiformis (Pteridophyta: Aspidiaceae) in South Africa.
2005); the rate of leaf development to maturity in Rumohra adiantiformis (Forst.
Experiments using mesh shade showed that total irradiance levels of 54% and 72% completely inhibited the germination of Rumohra adiantiformis (G.
A note on the systematic position of Rumohra adiantiformis.
Within the Dryopteridaceae, Megalastrum is sister to Rumohra Raddi, and the two genera are in turn sister to a paraphyletic Lastreopsis (Schuettpelz and Pryer 2007; Labiak et ah, 2014).
Recent DNA-based phylogenetic studies, however, reveal that Rumohra is the sister genus to Megalastrum, and that these two genera are sister to Lastreopsis (Schuettpelz and Pryer, 2007).
Dicksoniaceae) is an endangered tree fern in Brazil due to the extensive harvesting in its habitat (Sehnem, 1978, IBAMA, 1997) and Rumohra adiantiformis (Forst.