n.1.One who sells rum; one who deals in intoxicating liquors; especially, one who sells spirituous beverages at retail.
References in classic literature ?
It touched on chances of gigantic wealth flung before eyes that could not see, or missed by the merest accident of time and travel; and through the mad shift of things, sometimes on horseback, more often afoot, now rich, now poor, in and out, and back and forth, deck-hand, train-hand, contractor, boardinghouse keeper, journalist, engineer, drummer, real-estate agent, politician, dead-beat, rumseller, mine-owner, speculator, cattle-man, or tramp, moved Harvey Cheyne, alert and quiet, seeking his own ends, and, so he said, the glory and advancement of his country.
[S]he turned again to the rumseller.--"For you, sir," she said, "if you dare to sell my husband another glass of liquor.
The following day Mary places an advertisement in the town's temperance paper thanking the anti-temperance editor for helping her communicate the "news of a victory achieved over the rumsellers" and the "continued though unwilling aid he renders the temperance cause" (48).