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or run·up (rŭn′ŭp′)
1. An often sudden increase: a run-up in interest rates; a run-up in food prices; a run-up in house values.
2. The period of time that leads up an event or occurrence: the run-up to the championship games.
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Noun1.runup - a substantial increase over a relatively short period of time; "a runup in interest rates"; "market runups are followed by corrections"
increase - a change resulting in an increase; "the increase is scheduled for next month"
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The wind did not help at all as England's bowlers were blown off course in their run ups and had to repeatedly stop.
It started to rain then went off but after an inspection it was found that the square and the run ups were under a small bit of water and too dangerous to bowl and the match was abandoned at 5.30pm The second XI where hammered by St Ninian's by 159 runs with the saints making 258-6 in 50 overs but the Langloan side could only make 103 set a target of 262 in 48 overs.
Both men bowled off their full run ups in training yesterday at Trent Bridge and both confirmed they felt ready to go.