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n.1.(Med.) A whitlow running around the finger nail, but not affecting the bone.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"Say, I was so mad I clean forgot my run-around. It's only just beginnin' to tune up again."
In this paper we look at the effect of fan energy by savings on supply air heating and at pump power and control strategies of run-around loop systems.
In this paper two heat recovery systems in dedicated outdoor air systems are discussed; the enthalpy wheel and the run-around loop.
In the run-around loop the heat exchange takes place between the heated and the cooled medium, in a closed coil.
To compare the consequence on heat recovery and electric drive energy from alternative choices of heat recovery technology and sizing we chose two run-around loop systems and two enthalpy wheel systems, each with a different temperature efficiency.
The run-around system investigated for this paper permits heat and moisture transfer between remote supply and exhaust air streams using a moving porous bed and therefore has the potential to have a large impact in the retrofit market because the supply and exhaust ducts do not need to be side by side.
The governing equations for heat and moisture transfer in the novel run-around system that uses a solid material to transport heat and moisture between remote air streams are listed in Part I (Li et al.
For the run-around system with heat transfer only, Figure 2 shows the sensitivity of the overall effectiveness to changes in Cr (Cr = [C.sub.min]/[C.sub.max]) and number of transfer units (NTU).
IN LINE with Sinn Fein's smooth transition from Armalites to Italian-styled Armani suits, the current Belfast IRA boss, charged with ensuring that the ceasefire is broken only by punishment shoot-ings, has acquired a cool, clean-lined Italian scooter as a local run-around.
"Something has to be done about the political run-around we are getting," said Norm Quan, owner of the White Lake Lodge.
Kneipp reported that a letter he received from David Peterson's office in January also constituted a "run-around.