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n.1.A moat with water in it; also, a small stream; a runlet.
1.A circle.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Su distribucion esta limitada a algunas lomas en la provincia de Caraveli (Arequipa), esta especie es dominante en las lomas de Taimara, donde presenta baja densidad poblacional y no se observa regeneracion natural (Rundel et al.
Van Hise previously served as chief executive of the Rundel Library Foundation and the SUNY College at Brockport Foundation.
He played under the baton of such conductors as Maestro Rauf Abdullayev, Nikoloz Rachveli, Lev Markiz, Ennio Morricone, Maxim Vengerov, Laurent Petitgirard, Peter Rundel, Ignat Solzhenitsyn, Sir Neville Marriner and others.
Designers who showcased their works at the two-day events were Ituen Basi, Sukeina, Romeo Hunte, Gozel Green, Clive Rundel, Adama Paris, David Tlale,Lanre Da-Silva Ajayi, Ji Won Choi, Taibo Bacar, IDMA-NOF, Gert Johan Coetzee and Laquan Smith.
Se forman en las localidades cercanas a la costa donde la niebla que surge del oceano proporciona suficiente humedad para la vegetacion (Dillon & Rundel, 1990; Dillon, 1997, 2005; Dillon & Hoffmann, 1997).
Even though these regions cover less than 5% of Earth's surface, they host 20% of all the vascular plant species with a high level of endemism (Cowling, Rundel, Lamont, Arroyo, & Arianoutsou, 1996).
The presence of allelopathic substances and secondary metabolites has played an important role in helping this bush to thrive and occupy large areas in scrublands and displace other species that are typical of these ecosystems (Mabry et al., 1977; Rundel et al, 1994).
We used the rgeos package in R (Bivand and Rundel, 2016; R Core Team, 2016) to estimate the percent overlap of 95% UD areas for adjacent foxes.
El clima es semiarido a arido, con temperaturas media anual de 13-18 [grados]C (Rundel, Villagra, Dillon, Roig-Junent, & Debandi, 2007) y marcados cambios tanto diarios como estacionales en la temperatura (Bertonatti & Corcuera, 2000).
Scientist Philip Rundel produced the first official grove list in 1972, with a grand total of 75 groves.
The lichens, as a group of the symbiotic organisms, composed by the association of photobiont (generally Cyanobacteria and Chlorophyta) and fungi, produce a range of secondary compounds, most of which specific (Rundel 1978).