Rune stone

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a stone bearing a runic inscription.

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Myths of the Rune Stone: Viking Martyrs and the Birthplace of America
In the centre's grounds stands King Harald's rune stone, which has been there for 1,000 years and is known as the birthstone of Denmark.
The rune stone, dating back well over a thousand years, is seen as Denmark's 'birth certificate,' and acts as a shrine for the country's 5.6 million citizens.
The Bluetooth logo is made up of symbols from the king's name found on a rune stone in Jelling, Denmark.
Washington, May 28 (ANI): While literacy wasn't crucial for accessing rune carvings in the 11th century, people who were well-read could glean much more information from a rune stone than merely what was written in runes, shows a new research from Uppsala University in Sweden.
Indeed, despite the expensive imprimatur, this seemed to be a Roth building on steroids: a fifty-six-story monolith with a concrete facade that loomed over the terminal like a foreboding rune stone. The architects, describing the octagonal shape whose facets were meant to reduce the visual mass of the building, declared that the structure's "crystal form is bound to become, by its contrast to the many square and rectangular shapes of other towers in the vicinity, a significant new landmark of New York City."
In addition to the al secco paintings on the plastered walls and vaulting of the churches, several panels and carved figures on triptychs, sculptures, and sculptural groups in the round, stone reliefs, wrought ironwork on one door, one piece of embroidery and one rune stone are also included.
It converts email-based text messages into genuine rune stone symbol code.
The story follows aspiring teen actress Maggie Nelson, whose life takes a dramatic turn when she is caught between a freak electrical storm, a pet reptile and a mysterious rune stone.
The older children in the Owls class incorporated their Vikings topic by making necklaces, rune stones and dens, baked bread on a campfire and foraged for apples and pears to make a drink.
Officers found rune stones in a bag, one of which appeared to have a symbol of the BBB movement on it.
CHILLING Police search of Mair's home uncovered Third Reich eagle, books and magazines about Nazis, an article about mass murderer Anders Breivik, a dossier on MP Jo Cox and rune stones. Pictures: PA