Rune stone

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a stone bearing a runic inscription.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The older children in the Owls class incorporated their Vikings topic by making necklaces, rune stones and dens, baked bread on a campfire and foraged for apples and pears to make a drink.
Officers found rune stones in a bag, one of which appeared to have a symbol of the BBB movement on it.
CHILLING Police search of Mair's home uncovered Third Reich eagle, books and magazines about Nazis, an article about mass murderer Anders Breivik, a dossier on MP Jo Cox and rune stones. Pictures: PA
When it comes to predicting what this club will do, you may as well buy some rune stones and tarot cards.
ROCK LEGENDS Rune stones at Jelling, home of the Viking kings
On one of my explorations of the area I learned about rune stones and Danish King Harald "Bluetooth" Gormsson who reigned about 958-986.
Commissioned by Viking Cruises, the garden brings to life the Viking spirit, with Viking rune stones paving the way through the garden, weaving between pools of rippling water.
Various groups have made claims for other artifacts from the era of Columbus - the "Viking Tower" in Newport, R.I., the Kensington rune stones in the Middle West, the underground caverns in New Hampshire.
The first three essays examine how events or persons are memorialized through various genres, such as skaldic poetry (Judith Jesch), memorial discourse (Joseph Harris), and Rune stones (Kristel Zilmer), emphasizing how all three genres have made use of features from both traditions.
Rune stones are an important part of the Swedish cultural environment.
The clerical scholar, Adam of Bremen, referred to Bornholm as the "great harbor of Denmark." More evidence of the island's prosperity has been found in the rune stones, with their chiseled inscriptions.
"These artefacts include items such as a hoodless robe, a flexible twig and rune stones.