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n.1.A bard, or learned man, among the ancient Goths.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Michel Moraes Goncalves [1,2], Runer Augusto Marson [1] Marcos de Sa Rego Fortes [1], Eduardo Borba Neves [1] Jefferson da Silva Novaes [2]
Acting as active book runners are Baird and BMO Capital Markets, Stifel is acting as passive book runer and Wunderlich is acting as senior co-manager for the offering that will be made under a prospectus supplement to the company's prospectus, dated 12 January 2015 and filed as part of the company's effective shelf registration statement relating to these securities.
The sprinter's lower legs were amputated as a baby but he went on to achieve global fame as the "Blade Runer", a nickname derived from the carbon fibre prosthetic limbs he wears on the track.
* Studio 100 promoted "Vic the Viking," a TV series from the 1970s based on a book by Runer Jonsson, which is getting a 3-D incarnation this fall as it marks its 40th anniversary.
Un momento dulce por la introduccion de textos ajenos prestigiosos (celebre pagina de Proust de la magdalena mojada en te) y populares (una escena de Blade Runer).
Based on the children's books by Swedish author Runer Jonsson and a 1970s animated TV series adaptation, "Vicky" bas benefited from massive recognition and a strong nostalgia factor.
Keno (Runer) (23) 1,588 139.3 17.7 Miller (UN & Dragon) (14) 9,390 15.1 2.2 0.7 Ram (25) 423 225.0 45.0 Yukeno (31) 340 148.9 11.1 Gambler (28) 246 190.1 56.2 Flame & Moth (16) 1,590 18.3 1.1 0.9 Elsa Mill Tailings--1950s 1,884 14.4 3.0 0.8 Stone (20) 149 126.0 30.3 Caribou Hill (37) 87 177.1 71.6 0.3 Vanguard (32) 48 305.8 55.3 0.4 Duncan (36) 15 744.3 22.4 Lookout (Mt.
A tentative selection is rails runer LODGE MENTOR who just might get the run of the race.