Rune stone

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a stone bearing a runic inscription.

See also: Rune

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After that, the items that are part of this quest including the Sigil of Wisdom, Secrets of the Empire, Titan Runestones and Sigil of Power as well as the Legendary Cloak itself, can no longer be attainable.
Runestones, woodwork, jewelry and weapons are represented.
Four different difficulty settings are on offer - Normal, Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno - which progressively increase the challenge and reward players with more powerful armour, weapons, and runestones.
Some letters get two words, like R" is for runestones and reindeer, and also rosemaling.
The court also found that summary judgment was precluded by genuine issues of material fact as to whether rune literature was banned from the prison library, as to whether the prison's policy of not allowing the Odinist group to assemble for religious services in the absence of an outside volunteer imposed a substantial burden on the prisoner's religious exercise, and as to whether the prison's policy of preventing the possession of runestones substantially burdened the prisoner's religious exercise.
I had done a story that had to with a runestone--an alleged runestone--that was found in Maine, and it gave me some information about runic writing, about runestones, and about this sort of maniacal feeling that some Scandinavian-Americans have about proving they were here first.
I use MotherPeace deck w/ woman images), holy books, runestones, etc.
I've also studied prophetic Nordic Runestones, checked Tarot Cards and consulted Chinese I Ching for some oriental wisdom for your year ahead.
The "Gaze of the Black Prince" buff is helpful in increasing a "World of Warcraft" player's chances of getting the Legendary Cloak quest line items such as the Titan Runestones, Sigil of Power, Sigil of Wisdom and Secrets of the Empire.