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also Su·ra·ba·ja  (so͝or′ə-bä′yə)
A city of northeast Java, Indonesia, on the Java Sea. It is an important naval base.


(ˌsʊərəˈbaɪə) or


(Placename) a port in Indonesia, on E Java on the Surabaya Strait: the country's second port and chief naval base; university (1954); fishing and ship-building industries; oil refinery. Pop: 2 599 796 (2000). Former spelling: Soerabaja


or Su•ra•ba•ja

(ˌsʊər əˈbɑ yə)

a seaport on NE Java, Indonesia. 2,483,871.
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In Surabaya, the networks are built in the lower district of Kalirungkut and Rungkut Kidul, to serve 2,900 households, Gas for Palembang is supplied by PT Medco E&P Indonesia and for Surabaya by PT Lapindo Brantas.
The infrastructure project in Surabaya will be built in Rungkut Kidul and Kalirungkut sub-districts, transmitting gas to about 3,200 households.