Running fight

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a fight in which the enemy is continually chased; also, one which continues without definite end or result.

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It's a running fight! I wonder what the Barbarossa is doing," he went on, "She's my old ship.
Presently, as the sky cleared, more of such ships appeared in the blue through the dissolving clouds, and more, all disdainfully free of guns or armour, all flying fast to keep pace with the running fight below.
Verma, who had a running fight with Asthana, has already resigned from service after he was transferred from the post of CBI Director to DG Fire Services.
The decision came after a long running fight by Portsmouth pint puller Karen Murphy.
On July 15 and 16, 1839, 900 Texas militia clashed with several hundred Cherokees, dozens of Creek, Delaware, Shawnees, and Wacos in a two day running fight. By dusk on July 16, one hundred Cherokee, including chief Bowles and his war chief Big Mush had been killed along with 100 Indians killed or wounded; forty Texans had been killed or wounded.
One appears to show a running fight - possibly near the railway station.
Church-state separation is not a "side track"--it is the railroad line running fight through town.
Agent Coleen Rowley and members of her FBI team carried on a running fight with top FBI and Justice Department officials who tried to stop the Minnesota investigation and prevented a search of his laptop computer until after his fellow conspirators crashed their hijacked planes on September 11.
It fought at Antietam, Chancellorsville, and Gettysburg and then went west to finish three years of volunteer service in the running fight from Chattanooga to Atlanta.
One key lawmaker in this running fight (as well as in passage of landmark civil rights legislation on which I also reported) joked to me once that self-righteous bluster on the prayer issue made him say "Thank God I'm an antheist." He wasn't, of course.
Earlier this month, David Nowak, 16, was stabbed to death outside a party in a community centre in Stoke Newington after a running fight between rival gangs.
They were intercepted by 80 of Lord Grey's Parliamentarian troopers and pursued in a running fight to the very place where King Richard was slain."