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A meadow in southeast England on the Thames River west of London. King John accepted the Magna Carta here or on a nearby island in 1215.


(Placename) a meadow on the S bank of the Thames near Windsor, where King John met his rebellious barons in 1215 and acceded to Magna Carta


(ˈrʌn ɪˌmid)

a meadow on the S bank of the Thames, W of London, England: reputed site of the granting of the Magna Carta by King John, 1215.
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It seemed early to think about shutting up then, however, with the sun still in the heavens, and we settled to push straight on for Runnymead, three and a half miles further, a quiet wooded part of the river, and where there is good shelter.
The projects objectives included the upgrading of both Cedar Road North and South into a dual carriageway status as well as improve its pavement life from Valley to Runnymead roads.
WILKINSON Doreen Margaret (Formerly of Runnymead Road) Passed away peacefully on March 19th 2012 aged 84 years.
TRANSPORT SECRETARY: Philip Hammond, 54, MP for Runnymead and Weybridge.
Peacefully at her home, Runnymead, T a n -y -B ryn Road, Holyhead, after an illness courageously borne.