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A meadow in southeast England on the Thames River west of London. King John accepted the Magna Carta here or on a nearby island in 1215.


(Placename) a meadow on the S bank of the Thames near Windsor, where King John met his rebellious barons in 1215 and acceded to Magna Carta


(ˈrʌn ɪˌmid)

a meadow on the S bank of the Thames, W of London, England: reputed site of the granting of the Magna Carta by King John, 1215.
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A true Runnymede, he affected to notice nothing, and, picking up the evening paper, began to read.
And on top of that, mind you,' moaned Lord Runnymede, 'I lose my little veto.
His mother had been a Miss Trotter, of Chicago, and it was on her dowry that the Runnymedes contrived to make both ends meet.
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1215: King John put the Royal Seal on the Magna Carta at Runnymede, near Windsor.
He is a Member of Parliament from Weybridge and Runnymede.