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n.1.In France, a second ballot taken after an indecisive first ballot to decide between two or several candidates; a runoff election.
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This was decided through a runoff voting after the committee failed to reach the majority number of votes from the members who were present in the nominal voting.
OpaVote, established in 2011 as a continuation of the OpenSTV project, provides cost-effective online voting products for multiple voting structures, including plurality, ranked and instant runoff voting for organizations of all sizes, allowing for up to one million voters.
amp;nbsp;The runoff voting Sunday saw a close fight between far right-wing Freedom Party of Austria candidate Norbert Hofer and Green Party independent Alexander Van der Bellen.
The solution is to do what the Irish, Sri Lankans and Australians do -- adopt a better majoritarian method, such as instant runoff voting.
Writing in terms accessible to all readers, he proposes that we replace winner-take-all elections with alternative voting methods, such as instant runoff voting and direct election of the president, that result in better representation and coalition building.
Also known as instant runoff voting, RCV combines primary and runoff elections into one by having voters list from one to three their preferences for each office that is up for selection.
It's called Instant Runoff Voting, and it's being tried out now in San Francisco, thanks to a coalition including Common Cause, the National Organization for Women, the Sierra Club and the Democratic and Green parties.
In many situations, instant runoff voting (IRV) can be an especially cost-effective way to increase participation among all voters.
It's a fight that grassroots groups have been waging for years, demanding uniform standards, paper trails, and other reforms, such as instant runoff voting.
Instant runoff voting (8) is an electoral reform gaining momentum in state legislatures (9) that aims to ensure majority rule.
He has since become a leading proponent of instant runoff voting (IRV), which allows voters to rank their choices of candidates.
However, Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) advocates have resuscitated the issue by systematically promoting their ranking methodology as a solution for tied or close elections.