n.1.A breaking or bursting open; breach; rupture.
References in classic literature ?
Then their pleasure -- not to say delirium -- was so fresh and novel and in- spiring that the sight of it paid me well for the inter- ruptions which my sleep had suffered.
Ramaphosa, meanwhile, has vowed to fight cor- ruption, allegations of which have tainted the Zuma administration.
These people use cor ruption as a mere slogan," Bilawal said.
tweeted that his balance had PS700 without making a transaction, another said the disruption left her "unable kids in school media to vent their One man available dropped by him makin while anoth ruption had to feed my tomorrow".
Rather than having to look at your smartphone to chart your progress, the device will give you audio updates, meaning less dis- ruption to your workout.
Helen Epstein wrote in the New York Review of Books about how Ebola was exacerbated by rumors and economic cor ruption, such as the misuse of aid money.
We're carrying out the latest closures overnight when traffic levels are at their lowest to keep dis ruption to a minimum" A diversion for heavy goods vehicles will be in place from junction 66 at Eighton Lodge and junc tion 77 for the A696.
The interA[degrees] face delivers faster switching, new quick settings, offers additional content searches without interA[degrees] ruption and boasts quicker booting and loading times.
1/2 Il y a une ruption en cours sous la couche de glace, probablement une petite ruption qui n'a pas pu faire fondre cette couverture [c], a dclar Theodor Hervasson, directeur excutif de la division des alertes et des prvisions l'IMO.
Estok's argument here is that sleep in early modern culture betokens bestiality, the dis ruption of humans' superior place in the "natural order" of things and, according to sleep's associations with "night" and "darkness," "the flipside of everything good in nature" or "indeed .
He also hit out over the planned road closure falling during the busiest months of the year for the village, posing dis ruption for motorists.
Bryan Gee returns for the first time since 2008, backed up by MC Funsta with support from DJs Noizee B, MC Toddler, Ruption and Midlands DJs Omnitrix and Dr Phil.