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(Plants) a European evergreen shrub of the Ruscus genus
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Noun1.Ruscus - a genus of European evergreen shrubs; sometimes placed in family Asparagaceae
liliid monocot genus - genus of monocotyledonous plants comprising mostly herbs having usually petaloid sepals and petals and compound pistils
family Liliaceae, Liliaceae, lily family - includes species sometimes divided among the following families: Alliaceae; Aloeaceae; Alstroemeriaceae; Aphyllanthaceae; Asparagaceae; Asphodelaceae; Colchicaceae; Convallariaceae; Hemerocallidaceae; Hostaceae; Hyacinthaceae; Melanthiaceae; Ruscaceae; Smilacaceae; Tecophilaeacea; Xanthorrhoeaceae
butcher's broom, Ruscus aculeatus - shrub with stiff flattened stems resembling leaves (cladophylls); used for making brooms
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Emily adorned the building's front doors with a simple display of grapevine garlands and wreaths, twinkling lights, and Italian ruscus.
Using a fine-gauge wire, affix bundles of varying lengths to a dried honeysuckle wreath frame, then add clusters of privet berries, lisianthus blossoms, and Israeli ruscus leaves to hide stems and create depth.
Anti-inflammatory activity of Achelia and Ruscus topical gel on carrageenan-induced paw edema in rats.
2001) e a samambaia (Rhumora adiantiformis) (RIBAS & MIGUEL, 2004), ou de produtores mais tecnificados e comercializadas pelo Veiling Holambra, como o ruscus (Ruscus aculeatus) e o Pitosporo (Pittosporum tobira) (IBRAFLOR, 2014), restando pouca ou nenhuma opcao de producao para pequenos produtores.
The product features Avene thermal spring water to help calm skin irritation, along with ruscus extract to help improve the appearance of small blood vessels.
There are many studies that including effect of environmental stresses on the micropropagation of species, such as: effect of salinity on the in vitro propagation of potato (Khenifi et al, 2011), also effect of the concentration of nutrient elements on the in vitro propagation of Ruscus hypoglossum (Abou Dahab et al.
Caption: Top: Female long-tailed mealybug on the ornamental plant Ruscus (magnification 64x).
00 panthenol (and) escin (and) glycerin (and) ruscus aculeatus root extract (and) ammonium glycrrhizate (and) centella asiatica extract (and) (hydrolyzed yeast protein (and) calendula officinalis flower extract) Phase D Chione HD Pixel White S130S (BASF) (Synthetic 0.
Use of extract of Ruscus aculeatus in venous disease in the lower limbs.
The effect of benzyladenine (BA) at different concentrations on shoot multiplication rate was recorded on Eucalyputs tereticornis (Rao, 1988; Das and Mitra, 1990); on Quercus lobata (Johnson and Walker, 1990); on Stlingia latifolia (Bunn and Dixon, 1992); on Ruscus hypoglossum (Abou Dahab et al.
a e, d ive 3 Eau Thermale Avene Calm Redness Relief Soothing Repair Mask (Boots) The perfect SOS for irritated winter skin, with natural extract ruscus aculeatus, which helps constrict the capillaries and banish redness.