Rush line

(Football) the line composed of rushers.

See also: Rush

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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A future Rush Line bus rapid transit stop is planned at the Highway 61/County Road E intersection.
Stoke immediately hit back and after pressing on the Rush line were rewarded with a penalty which they kicked to narrow the scores.
"I miss my mates but at the end of the day, to use a Dr Rush line, it's for 'the greater good.'" Wife Anastasia and children Ava, eight, Harvey, six and Pearce, four, visit Robert in the spring and summer.
It also ordered the Apple Rush line ( which RushNet will represent for export.
Discount ticket purchase in a "rush line" half an hour before the curtain rises are unlikely to be able to resell the tickets easily.
Now even the 800-pound gorilla of the snack food business--Frito-Lay--is weighing in with heavy seasonings in its Ruffles Flavor Rush line and new highly spiced flavors of Doritos, such as Baja Picante and Salsa Verde.
The vacant, city-owned site on the city's east side is near a bus line and a proposed Rush Line bus rapid transit station.
Civil Service then had their best period of the match, camping on the Rush line for ten minutes or more.
The timing of the study's release will help in the planning process for the Rush Line bus rapid transit project between St.
MAD RUSH lines up for a Listed contest at Goodwood this evening in his first start since finishing seventh when sent off favourite for the Melbourne Cup, writes Paul Eacott.