Russell's viper

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Rus·sell's viper

A venomous snake (Daboia russelii) of South and Southeast Asia, characterized by large black-ringed spots on yellow, tan, or light brown skin.

[After Patrick Russell (1727-1805), Scottish naturalist.]
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KARACHI -- After almost a decade, the zoo has seen the birth of 25 Russell's vipers in a single litter, raising the number of this species to 31 at the facility.
Hypopituitarism following envenoming by Russell's vipers (Daboia siamensis and D.
including cobras, Russell's vipers, kraits-known in local parlance as the half-mi killer and indian phython.
Russell's Vipers are common in the area, and Subhash and Roopal Ralph had even acquired equipment, such as snake tongs, to handle the poisonous reptiles.
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