William Felton Russell

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Noun1.William Felton Russell - United States basketball center (born in 1934)
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Other first place showings went to the news staff, general news story, for its coverage of the June tornado; sports staff, digital sports presentation, for its Hometeam high school sports website; reporters Jackie Reis, Thomas Caywood and Linda Bock, education reporting, for their coverage of the Goddard School of Science and Technology cheating scandal; and Dave Nordman, Liz Russell, Bill Ballou and Paul Jarvey, sports page or section, for their preview of the Boston Red Sox season.
The Gang of Four in 1981, from right, Alan Bleasdale, Willy Russell, Bill Morrison and Chris Bond, seated, with admin director Chris Bullock
He and his teammates--Jim Russell, Bill Palmer, Keith Rheinhardt, and Mike Gureckas--took another Team title; Arizona PVA was second.

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