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Adj.1.Russian Orthodox - of or relating to or characteristic of the Eastern Orthodox Church
faith, religion, religious belief - a strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny; "he lost his faith but not his morality"
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If I were to recognize the Russian orthodox religion and emancipate the serfs, do you think Russia would come over to me?
The order was conferred to Mehriban Aliyeva by Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia for her support of the Russian Orthodox Church, as well as her outstanding contributions to strengthening friendship between Russia and Azerbaijan.
Over the past few years the Russian state alongside with the Russian Orthodox Church, as well as other religious organizations has provided humanitarian aid to Syria.
This volume contains no description of the Russian Orthodox Church's joining of the World Council of Churches (WCC).
I do hope that the Russian Orthodox Church, with reliance on its authority in the world, will be able to promote concerted action by the international community for the sake of Syria's revival, for providing humanitarian assistance to its citizens, and for restoring its ruined cultural and spiritual centers," Putin said in a speech at the Congress of Bishops in Moscow on Friday.
4 might not have been the usual protocol for such a ceremony But Kirill's Moscow patriarchate, which claims authority for believers across the former Soviet Union and anywhere else where Russian Orthodox live, could not have erected the gleaming white cathedral along the River Seine without their help.
For example, the Russian Orthodox Church follows the Julian calendar but the Russian government functions as per the "Western calendar.
However, considering it's been almost two years since the Russian Orthodox Church ensured Jovan Vraniskovski's release from prison thus helping create conditions for resuming talks, there is an impression that both parties remain entrenched in their positions, which isn't conducive to reaching a compromise.
Dubai: Russian community on Sunday gathered at the Russian Orthodox Church in Sharjah for a special memorial service to pray for the victims of flydubai air crash.
HAVANA: Pope Francis met Friday with Patriarch Kirill in the first-ever papal meeting with the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, a historic development in the 1,000-year schism that divided Christianity that may, however, be more about Russia asserting itself than any new ecumenical progress.
Nearly 1,000 years after the Eastern and Western branches of Christianity split apart, the meeting at an airport terminal in Cuba was the first ever between a Roman Catholic pope and a Russian Orthodox patriarch.
He claims that Russian forces are targeting the Ukrainian Church of the Kyivan Patriarchate to prop up the Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church.

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