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tr.v. Rus·si·fied, Rus·si·fy·ing, Rus·si·fies
To make Russian in character or quality.

Rus′si·fi·ca′tion (-fĭ-kā′shən) n.


nRussifizierung f
References in classic literature ?
On entering the drawing room Stepan Arkadyevitch apologized, explaining that he had been detained by that prince, who was always the scapegoat for all his absences and unpunctualities, and in one moment he had made all the guests acquainted with each other, and, bringing together Alexey Alexandrovitch and Sergey Koznishev, started them on a discussion of the Russification of Poland, into which they immediately plunged with Pestsov.
The men stood round the strong-smelling spirits and salt delicacies, and the discussion of the Russification of Poland between Koznishev, Karenin, and Pestsov died down in anticipation of dinner.
Alexey Alexandrovitch had been maintaining that the Russification of Poland could only be accomplished as a result of larger measures which ought to be introduced by the Russian government.
So, then, for the Russification of our foreign populations there is but one method--to bring up as many children as one can.
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Support within both Russian society and the state for cultural Russification of non-Russian areas grew as Ukrainian, Lithuanian, and other national movements coalesced.
According to the President, Russia is responsible for the rapidly deteriorating situation of Crimean Tatars, for brutal violation of their rights, continued persecution, ongoing Russification by force, and restrictions on the freedom of speech, press and religion.
Experiencing ethnic tensions, political and economic woes since independence, Krygyzstan is now a parliamentary republic, though still retains many hallmarks of Soviet Russification.
Their works, influences, varied responses to Russification and Socialist Realism, and their place in the musical heart of their country are all very compelling.
My sincere thanks to those elected men and women who are aiming high, promoting our culture and language and removing the threat of a total English Russification of our country.
The areal analysis shows that these neologisms differ in age: from the historically relatively early purde common for all the Veps dialects, including those already extinct as a result of Russification and Karelization, to the younger dialect word kaglaz 'strait'.