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 (rŭs′kē, ro͞os′-)
n. pl. Rus·skies
Offensive A Russian.

[Russian russkiĭ, Russian, from Rus', Rus; see Rus.]

Rus′sky adj.
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(ˈrʌskɪ) or


n, adj, pl -kies or -kis
(Peoples) chiefly US a slang word for Russian
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nIwan m, → Russki m; the Russkiesder Iwan
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The summit on Russky Island, across a bridge from the far-eastern port city of Vladivostok, reflected Russia's effort to emerge as an essential player in the North Korean nuclear stand-off, a role that would raise Moscow's global clout and its leverage with Washington.
Russian media reported that Kim would be heading to Russky island, linked by bridge to the mainland part of Vladivostok, where the summit will take place and where he is also expected to be staying.
There was heightened security around Vladivostok in preparation for the summit, with an unusually heavy police presence, especially at the university campus on Russky island where the talks were taking place.
Speaking at the start of the talks at a university on the Russky Island across a bridge from Vladivostok, Putin voiced confidence that Kim's visit will "help better understand what should be done to settle the situation on the Korean Peninsula, what we can do together, what Russia can do to support the positive processes going on now." Kim's first trip to Russia comes about two months after his second summit with President Donald Trump failed because of disputes over U.S.-led sanctions on the North.
The summit on Russky Island, just off Vladivostok, started a little late because President Vladimir Putin's flight was delayed.
Kim and Putin met at Far Eastern Federal University on Russky Island in the Pacific port city, where their national flags are hoisted, security heightened and the adjacent Ajax Bay closed to fend off any suspicious approaches.
After a brief delay while the train had to be repositioned to line up with the red carpet laid out on the platform, he disembarked and headed in a convoy of limousines and minivans across a bridge linking mainland Vladivostok to Russky island, the summit venue.
The two leaders were pictured shaking hands at the beginning of their meeting under tight security on Russky island, part of a university campus, before sitting down and smiling into the waiting cameras.
Kim then headed to Vladivostok's Russky Island where the summit is set to take place.
Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, showed off their cooking skills during a tour of Russky Island in the Sea of Japan, which makes part of the eastern city of Vladivostok.
The "Russky trikotazh" Holding was established in 2002 by Mr.