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An admirer of Russia or its people, language, or culture.

Rus′so·phil′i·a (-fĭl′ē-ə) n.
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(ˈrʌsəʊˌfaɪl) or


an admirer of Russia or the former Soviet Union, its customs, political system, etc
showing admiration of Russia or the former Soviet Union
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Someone who admires Russia, its culture, or its people.
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With Khamenei and his 'Russophile' faction eliminated, the 'New York Boys' would put Iran on a new trajectory as the United States' key partner in the Middle East.
The Italian politician is a well-known Russophile, having repeatedly spoken in admiration of President Vladimir Putin and condemning international sanctions on Russia.
Even most Russophile governments in the Balkans have come to the realization that dependence and reliance on such a partner should be limited and clearly-bounded.
Vainberg is not a caricature of a Russophile Russian-speaking Jew; US culture is of central importance to him, even during his visit to several post-Soviet nations.
Otherwise, Slovakia's Speaker of Parliament Andrej Danko would not withstand even one day.Although Radek Vondraacute#269ek (ANO), Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, met with people on the EU and USA sanctions lists on his business trip to Russia, he cannot beat Russophile Danko.
Reynolds, "Abdurrezzak Bedirhan: Ottoman Kurd and Russophile in the Twilight of Empire," Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History 12, no.
The populist AfD is anti-globalist, Eurosceptic and Russophile, all of which the CDU never was.
This provides the perfect international playing field for Putin, expanding unchallenged even into arenas which weren't historically Russophile. Putin doesn't believe in accountable governance and international justice.
Then, a coincidence: My then wife and I had taken Russian lessons--she's Russian-Canadian--and were and are deeply Russophile, and we were introduced to a Russian family in our hometown who had defected through Vienna at the height of the Cold War.
The shocking results of the American election in November 2016 will have an impact as well as a shockingly Russophile president whose grasp of China policy is clearly stuck in the talk shows and right wing websites of the last decade will surely present the Chinese with an array of opportunities.
Wilson was a Russophile, and he cherished the opportunity to discuss the language and its literature with this native son, although the two sparred over politics because the American was a supporter of the Soviet Union.
In tune with his Russophile outlook of the world, Trump has also called on Nato to shift attention from Russian deterrence to combating Islamic terrorism, which he regards as the greatest threat to US national security.