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One who fears or dislikes Russia or its people or culture.

Rus′so·pho′bi·a n.


a person who feels intense and often irrational hatred (Russophobia) for Russia or the former Soviet Union, its political system, etc
ˌRussoˈphobic adj
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I can only express my regrets at the Russophobe obsession of our [U.
As in the Novinite interview he called on Bulgarians to overcome Russophile and Russophobe attitudes.
This is why the writer has tried to show a succinct and accessible story, designed to overcome Russophile and Russophobe temptations.
The global smart money has turned Russophobe (in a market sense) despite Rosneft's epic oil joint ventures, debt market reforms, corporate merger mania, Euroclear settlements for rouble bonds, tax breaks for Arctic oil exploration and WTO entry after a 19 year haggle.
The renowned policies of governments like the Great Game, the Russophobe, the Scientific Frontier, Forward policy, Modified Forward policy, Masterly Inactivity etc all are explained in the book.
The pre-war Polish government was a quasi-military dictatorship: anti-Semitic, Russophobe, anti-communist, and sympathetic to fascism.
There would be no prize-giving and no banquet, though Russophobe Harold Ballard later had a gold medal struck privately for each Canadian player.
Russophobe feelings in Britain intensified in late 1836 when Russian authorities seized the British schooner Vixen as it attempted to dock at the Circassian port of Soudjouk-Kale.
It gave cause for the Russophobe Defoe to take issue with Steele and project Peter as tyrant and despot whose essentially cruel Russian nature remained unreformed b y travel.
When George Hayward approached the RGS for sponsorship for an expedition to Kashgaria in 1868, he found vice president Henry Rawlinson to be a well-informed Russophobe.
We hope that the EU agencies will find the strength to abandon strategizing Russian policy based upon the principle of 'lowest common denominator', and will stop blindly following a small but extremely aggressive group of Russophobes within the European Union," the minister stressed.
We are not ruling out any steps, so to say, to bring to their senses those presumptuous Russophobes who are setting the tone on Capitol Hill today," Russia TV quoted Ryabkov as saying.