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One who fears or dislikes Russia or its people or culture.

Rus′so·pho′bi·a n.


a person who feels intense and often irrational hatred (Russophobia) for Russia or the former Soviet Union, its political system, etc
ˌRussoˈphobic adj
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That is why Russia's leaders have been so keen to label Ukraine's leaders as Russophobes and fascists.
The crisis in Ukraine has given new impetus to the confrontation between Russophiles and Russophobes, which has a long history in Bulgaria.
More important, it animates Russian President Vladimir Putin's repeated denunciations of "neo-Nazis, Russophobes and anti-Semites" allegedly running rampant in the streets of Kiev, forcing a reluctant Russia to protect Jews, Russians and any decent Ukrainians who remain.
In highly-charged language he accused the interim leaders in Ukraine of being "neo-Nazis, Russophobes and anti-Semites".
He cast the new Ukrainian government as illegitimate, driven by radical ''nationalists, neo-Nazis, Russophobes and anti-Semites.
He said Ukraine's new leaders, in power since the overthrow of pro-Moscow president Viktor Yanukovich last month, included "neo-Nazis, Russophobes and anti-Semites".
He saidUkraine's new leaders, in power since the overthrow ofpro-MoscowpresidentViktor Yanukovichlast month, included "neo-Nazis, Russophobes and anti-Semites".
It was a timely and accurate note, as quite a few people from my generation would depict themselves as political Russophobes and cultural Russophiles, political Russophobia clearly stemming from a potent anti-Soviet sentiment.
To be sure, the confrontation was baited by Russophobes in the Bush-Cheney administration.
To Russophobes the answer is clear: the evil empire has been reborn and is on the march.
In this lament she joins a quite vocal group of Russophobes who consistently focus on the negative aspects of the Russian transformation from communism.
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