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n, pl -lae (-liː) or -las
(Plants) any fungus of the large basidiomycetous genus Russula, of typical toadstool shape and often brightly coloured, such as the yellow R. ochroleuca and R. lutea, the green R. aeruginea, the violet-pink R. fragilis, and the purple R. atropurpurea
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Noun1.russula - large genus of fungi with stout stems and white spores and neither annulus nor volvaRussula - large genus of fungi with stout stems and white spores and neither annulus nor volva; brittle caps of red or purple or yellow or green or blue; differs from genus Lactarius in lacking milky juice
fungus genus - includes lichen genera
Agaricaceae, family Agaricaceae - large family including many familiar mushrooms
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The timing of the shrew: continuous melatonin treatment maintains youthful rhythmic activity in aging Crocidura russula.
Russula camarophylla Romagnesi, en la Peninsula Iberica.
These mycorrhizal fungi, notably those strands that produce the common and familiar Russula and Lactarius mushrooms, tie into the roots of trees, mostly oaks, gaining nutrients from the trees.
Bioaccumulation of lead, mercury, and cadmium in the greater white-toothed shrew, Crocidura russula, from the Ebro Delta (NE Spain): sex-and age-dependent variation.
The species with the highest relative abundance were: Haemulopsis axillaris (Steindachner, 1869), Syacium ovale (Gunther, 1864), Selene peruviana (Guichenot, 1866), Bothus constellatus (Jordan, 1889), Diapterus peruvianus (Cuvier and valenciennes, 1830), Syacium latifrons (Jordan and Gilbert, 1882), Scorpaena russula (Jordan and Bollman, 1889), Eucinostomus currani (Zauranec, 1967), Haemulon scudderii (Gill, 1863), Prionotus stephanophrys (Lockington, 1881), and Larimus acclivis (Jordan and Bristol, 1898).
For instances, Laetiporus suphureus strain MFLUCC12-0546 from Northern Thailand contain Fe, Zn, Mg, Cu, Na, Ca, and Mg [13] while Termitomyces sp, Russula sp, Pleurotus tuber-regium possess K, Mg, Na, Mn, Fe, Cu, Zn, and P [14].
Guzman continuo recolectando hongos toda su vida y el ultimo, que corresponde a su numero de registro 41 115 fue una Russula en el volcan de Tequila, Jalisco, el primer dia de 2016.
Various biosorbents such as aliginate gel bead kaolinite agaricus bisporous boliyus edulis and russula delica have been tested for the recovery of heavy metals from water.
I did read afterwards that they are also known as Brittle Caps and one way to test if a mushroom is a Russula is to throw it against a tree.
There are likely to be chanterelles, puffballs and russula mushrooms all to be found, if you know where to look.
Another big group of miombo mushrooms is the Russula group and they come in all colours and sizes.