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Noun1.Russulaceae - used in some classification systems for the genus Russula
fungus family - includes lichen families
Agaricales, order Agaricales - typical gilled mushrooms belonging to the subdivision Basidiomycota
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Russula chloroides is a member of the genus Russula, which belongs to the family Russulaceae. Even though there is a high number of species, the biological properties of Russula have not been investigated in detail.
In all these studies Cenococcum geophilum and species of Clavulinaceae, Russulaceae and Thelephoraceae are reported to be the main members of ECM fungal communities.
Dentre as familias de Basidiomicetos que formam ECM destacam-se: Amanitaceae, Russulaceae, Paxillaceae, Boletaceae, e Strobilomycetaceae (MOREIRA; SIQUEIRA, 2006).
The genus Lactifluus (Pers.) Roussel, belongs to Russulaceae Lotsy, which is a large family of ectomycorrhizal basidiomycetes that plays an important role in forest ecosystems throughout the globe.
Revision sobre el conocimiento tradicional del genero Lactarius (Russulaceae) en Espana.
Las familias mejor representadas son Amanitaceae, Inocybaceae y Russulaceae, con cuatro especies cada una y Boletaceae con tres.
Lactarius deterrimus, also known as false saffron milkcap, is an edible mushroom from the family Russulaceae that mainly grows in coniferous woods in northern, northeastern, and Central Europe.
0.32 nop Pleurotaceae Pleurotus ostreatus 0.42 kl Russulales Russulaceae Lactarius 0.63 e hygrophoroides Lactarius luteolus 0.25 r Order Mean A.I.
1 5 Metopina heselhausi 0 1 Totals 170 285 Fly species Fungi Family genera species Megaselia awadi Agaricacaeae 1 1 " Amanitaceae 1 2 " Lycoperdaceae 1 1 " Russulaceae 1 1 Megaselia cakpoae sp.