Rustic work

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(Arch.) Cut stone facing which has the joints worked with grooves or channels, the face of each block projecting beyond the joint, so that the joints are very conspicuous
(Arch. & Woodwork) Summer houses, or furniture for summer houses, etc., made of rough limbs of trees fancifully arranged.

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After constructing a variety of pastoral incarnations of Francis in his rustic works, Marot effects the monarch's ultimate transformation from poet-God-Pan to poet-king-prophet David.
BEAUTY: Keeping the room rustic works well in this beamed bedroom; STYLISH: A good sofa and armchair can brighten up any room; PURRFECT: Whiskas cat bed can cosy a room up; CROCKERY: M&S's Staccato china adds class; MIX IT UP: Group old stuff for effect; GOOD READ: Jane Burdon's book