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 (ro͞o-thē′nē-ən, -thēn′yən)
Of or relating to Ruthenia, the Ruthenians, or their language or culture.
1. A native or inhabitant of Ruthenia.
2. The variety of Ukrainian used by the Ruthenians.
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1. (Peoples) of or relating to Ruthenia, its people, or their dialect of Ukrainian
2. (Placename) of or relating to Ruthenia, its people, or their dialect of Ukrainian
3. (Languages) of or relating to Ruthenia, its people, or their dialect of Ukrainian
4. (Languages) a dialect of Ukrainian
5. (Peoples) a native or inhabitant of Ruthenia
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(ruˈθi ni ən, -ˈθin yən)
1. Rusin.
2. of or pertaining to Ruthenia or its inhabitants.
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Kolar has been named President of the Bohemian Lawyer's Association of Chicago, a century-old bar association for attorneys of Czech, Slovak, Silesian and Ruthenian heritage.
Members of the Orthodox Church were more likely to declare Ukrainian or Ruthenian nationality (Janto, 2016, 2017).
The Ruthenian slave gave the Ottoman Empire an exemplar of a new possibility (304).
22 statement, the Byzantine Ruthenian Eparchy of Parma in Ohio said Fr.
The dynastic connection was initially the most powerful, but Orthodoxy also proved to be a strong unifying force, particularly in relation to Catholic Poland-Lithuania and its governance of the Ruthenian lands.
Such a model could also apply to areas with Romanian, Hungarian, Ruthenian and Polish minorities in Ukraine, he added.
Among the topics are strategies for creating dynastic identity in Central Europe during the 10th-11th centuries, the king and the saint against the Scots: the shaping of English national identity in the 12th century narrative of King Athelstan's victory over his northern neighbors, the conceptualization of men and women by the authors of penitentials, Kievan and Galician-Volodimir chronicles in the 12th and 13th centuries: the Ruthenian ethnos and foreign people, and the imaged communities of heretics: constructing the identity of the religious enemy in the late middle ages.
The housekeeper, a rustic woman whose Ruthenian tongue garbled with Romanian and the Hochdeutsche of my family, said, "A good cheese in a dog's skin.
The next day, Hungarian Cimbaliband a vivid, unrestrained cosmopolitan band merging various genres and styles and Slovak band Rusin endes Orchestra, specialising in fusion of Ruthenian, Balkan, Jewish, and Roma music with jazz and other genres, will play.
In 1943, the Soviets organized the remaining Polish personnel into the 1st Polish Infantry Division, reinforcing it with Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Ruthenian and Central Asian conscripts, and re-designating it the 1st Polish Army.
He responded, "I am of the Polish nation, of the Lithuanian citizenship, of the Ruthenian people, and of Jewish origin."