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n.1.A ford.
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Later I learned from Ghak, who had finally come to his tribesmen and returned with a party to rescue me, that the ryth, as it is called, pursued the Sagoths until it had exterminated the entire band.
b woul ryth th "I believed the voice would overpower everything and come through no matter what.
And pan pe creatur with hy deuoeyon, wyth gret plente of treys, thankyd God of pis gostly comfort, heldyng hir-self in hir owyn felyng ryth vnworthy to any swech grace as sche felt, for sche felt many gret comfortys, bobe gostly comfortys & bodily comfortys.
Subsequently, Anna admonishes her husband to go "homward" (8.250) and "ryth hom" (8.251) as if the presence in the undefined territory between the revelatory quality of the exile and the safety of home could result in contamination.
I schal sterte therto manly; Alle that company fere I ryth nouth!
Welcum hom, yong prinsse of dew and ryth! Welcum hom to your own [h]eritage, withowt othe, And to alle yowr pepyll present in syth!
(54) Moreover, like the mystical utterance which is always in danger of being recognized and condemned as blasphemy, the slanderous speech here, too, is implicitly condemned as blasphemous, since the detractor's tale challenges Margery's commitment to fasting and contradicts her claim that her favorite source of nourishment is the word of God: "sche hungryd ryth sor aftyr Goddys word & seyd, 'Alas, Lord, ...
Stylistically, Margaret's letters also bear the register of an estate agent's report or of medieval writs and memoranda in their short, clipped reportage: (3) Item, ther be bawt for yow iij horse at Seynt Feythys feyr, and all be trotterys, ryth fayir horse, God saue hem, and they be well kepyd.
Even Margery Kempe, from her subject position as a merchant-estate person who has internalized a satiric antimercantile view of merchants and trade, uses this play on words when God tells her Dowtyr, pu seyst oftyn to me in pi mende pat fiche men han gret cawse to louyn me wel, & pu seyst ryth soth, for pu seyst I haue [??]ovyn hem meche good wher-wyth pei may servyn me & louyn me.
The Ben and Jerry's World Bog Snorkelling Championships took place at the Waen Ryth peat bog, Llanwrtyd Wells, and lasted around seven hours.
And than he, al a-stonyed of hit wordys, left hys besynes & hys lewydnes, seying to hir as many man had do be-forn, `Eythyr thu art a ryth good woman er ellys a ryth wikked woman,' & delyueryd hir a-geyn to hir gayler.